Korg Mono/Poly

This is probably the most grossly underrated pre-MIDI analog synthesiser of all time. It is owned by Shane but Jonathan covets it more than he ought.

Four big, fat oscillators storm their way through a searing 4-pole filter and from there, the wonderful noises pass through a standard VCA to the output. So far, so boring I hear you mutter. But wait...There's more!!! The oscillators can be synced to each other in various combinations as well as cross-modulating each other in all sorts of ways - even at the same time! But wait...There's still more!!! Not only do you get the Mono/Poly with its wonderful cross-mod capabilities but you also get separate envelope generators for filter and amplitude as well as a bonus extra LFO. That's right, ladies and gentlemen, an EXTRA LFO!!! What would you expect to pay???

Well, about AUS$800-1100 street price, actually. Jonathan can neither find nor afford one after he sold his to a good friend so that he could fix his ASR-10 sampler, which was dead anyway.

We use it for all sorts of things but it sounds like a cross between a TB-303 and an Oberheim Matrix-1000 (no, I'm not kidding) when set up in the right way and slightly overdriven. Oh, yes, it also does lots and lots of wild sounds that you can't get anywhere else. Believe us. It also has a neat-o arpeggiator and can, at a pinch, be used as a 4-note polyphonic instrument. Oh, don't forget about the dandy chord memory function which is handy for producing some great, thick, pad sounds.

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